Do your bit to save the nation’s bees.


Help start a new bee colony.

• £29.99 buys a year’s 1/12 share of a brand new hive, set up by our expert bee keeper Tony Gray.

• £350 buys a brand new complete hive for one year. The hive and colony are set up by our expert bee keeper Tony Gray.


A treat for yourself or a great gift with a difference


A new shareholder will immediately receive:


• A certificate of ownership

• A special pack of Keep ‘em Buzzing wild flower seeds to sow to help your local bees do their stuff


Fun, rewarding, positive action – it feels good!


You'll get regular updates about your colony

• Online access to Tony the bee man, via Facebook - AdoptAHive Beehives

• Visit your bees for FREE with a guided apiary tour (saving you £10!)

Learn all about bees whatever your age


After harvest we’ll post you 1lb* of honey

• Your share of September's harvest from your colony.


Mmmm, now that’s a tasty reward


Stay involved after the first year!

• For just £24.99 a year you can continue subscribing.

• Help sustain your colony and enjoy the benefits package…


yep, that’s right, more yummy honey!



But seriously, being a part of the adopt-a-hive project is a practical way to solve a real problem. What’s more it’s a fun way to learn about a traditional craft and enjoy the fruits of your bees’ labours!

Join us today. Buy now!



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