Adopt a hive




Bees are vital to our well-being. They are needed to pollinate the plants that we grow to feed ourselves and our animals.

By buying a complete hive you will start a complete hive with a new honey bee colony.


These colonies  are   kept on our apiaries in Shropshire and the Welsh Border.


When you purchase your hive you will get a share certificate and some 'Keep em Buzzing' wild flower seeds. 


In September we will be extracting the honey and then you will get 12 1lb jars of your own honey to eat or give away .


Throughout the year we will send you regular updates on how your colony is doing.
At any time, with some notice, you can come and see your hive, we'll provide the beesuit!


If you wish to buy a hive for more than one person please use the add to basket button again for each individual.



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