Our fuzzy black and yellow friends are vital to our well-being as they pollinate the plants that we grow for food. But our British bees are in crisis. Their population is dwindling at an alarming rate – under attack from viruses, pesticides and mites.

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Adopt-a-hive is where you can make a real difference.

You can help start a new bee colony by buying a year long, 1/12 share in a hive for only £29.99, with the option to maintain your involvement in the project for a longer term at a reduced rate. Click here to renew your subscription for £24.99.

In return you’ll receive a special shareholder certificate, some lovely flower seeds to attract more bees to your garden and 1lb of yummy honey made especially for you, by your bees as a “thank you”.

Adopt-a-hive makes the perfect gift for nature lovers, keen gardeners and honey monsters everywhere. As well as being a unique present you’ll be helping to pollinate the planet and ensuring the future, not only of our little buzzing buddies but also all the essential fruits and vegetables we currently enjoy.

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Please click here to renew your subscription for £24.99

See us on the Alan Titchmarsh Show
on October 8th, 2009


Apiary Open Days

Shareholders and their friends are invited to an Apiary Open Day. 

  • Saturday July 15th 2017

Pictures of the August 2010 apiary visit can be found on our Facebook page here

The visit starts at 2pm and will last approximately 2 hours. Spaces are limited. For further details ring 07855 331121

If there are less than 6 people on a tour we may need to cancel it.

You will need to bring wellingtons and ladies should wear trousers (you will be wearing a bee suit we provide)



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